Shea Butter for Tattoos

 If you love tattoos, then you know how addicting they can be. It's so exciting to show the world your new piece of art. They have always been a way for people to express what they represent or something meaningful they want to have on their bodies permanently. To continue to look good and eye-catching, You have to be sure to take care of them. The aftercare for a tattoo is vital because it will make or break how well it will heal. For the best results, you must use natural products to keep them moisturized. All-natural ingredients allow for the tattoo to heal in comparison to ointments containing mineral oil and petroleum. These ingredients clog the pores and don't provide any healing properties. But did you know that you can use shea butter for tattoos? 

Why Use Shea Butter for Tattoos

 100% shea butter is excellent to use for your tattoos because it moisturizes and heals the skin. With a new tattoo, that's exactly what your skin needs to recover quickly. Naturally, shea butter regenerates and protects the skin and is high in vitamin A, strengthening the skin, protecting against infection, and keeps tattoos protected. After you have gotten a new tattoo, you must keep it protected not to become infected. If you can get your tattoo to heal with a soft and smooth finish, it will look better for years to come without it looking old and needing a touch-up so soon.

 Shea Butter Stops the Itch

 If you have gotten a tattoo, you know how uncomfortable, dry, and itchy it can be. The itching and dryness come from your skin trying to heal itself. If this happens to you, your tattoo is screaming that it needs moisture and hydration. The reason shea butter works so well at providing moisture is because of the amount of vitamin e that it contains. Vitamin E is also an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant which helps to soothe the dry skin on your tattoo. In this case, your skin is itching and dry because the tattoo is inflamed. When you use shea butter, it will calm the skin.

 It Contains the Antioxidant, Vitamin C

 When vitamin c is used topically on the skin, it's triggered to heal itself by accelerating collagen and elastin production. It also has a high content of vitamin c and is a great brightening agent. This is great news, especially for those whose tattoos have bright colors. It's also good for those with darker colored skin that want their tattoo to "pop" a bit more. So what does this mean? Vitamin c is what your tattoo needs to stay looking fresh and new for years to come.

 Shea Butter Penetrates the Skin

 The moment you massage shea butter onto your tattoo, it begins to work. It doesn't sit on top of the skin like many other tattoo balms and creams sold in stores. I have several clients who use it as their go-to product for any new or old tattoos. Shea butter soaks into the skin and heals internally, which you can't get from a store-bought product because they are filled with artificial ingredients. The fatty acids found in shea butter deeply penetrate the skin, aren't greasy and do not clog the pores on the outer layer of your skin, like products created with mineral oil and petroleum. Your tattoo needs to breathe to heal as best as possible, which is why shea butter is always a good option for your tattoo.

 How To Use It

 Shea butter is simple to use. Apply and massage it into your tattoo twice a day after thoroughly cleaning it with anti-bacterial soap, and it'll be protected all day. KBlessd Butters whipped shea butter works amazing for tattoos. It's soft and easy to apply, and your tattoo will benefit from all of the goodness this butter has to offer! Grab your KBlessd Butters to care for your tattoo and watch it flourish.

 Kausha Wells, Owner/CEO